Anstey Thomas

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My most recent works are abstract landscapes that grow from sketches, photos, memories and my imagination.   

Light, colour, movement and scale are hugely important to me.  I want people to feel drawn into the smaller paintings or feel ‘immersed’ in the larger works.  Strong gestural marks are combined with areas that are left absent or stripped away.  Thin transparent layers are used to create depth of colour, while mixing oils on the canvas or paper leads to unexpected surface textures.  Although a painting may start from an image, the final work will grow through the process to take on a life of it’s own.

Having spent many years as a professional actress and dancer, the physicality of painting is integral to the way I use paint on canvas and how I try to capture energy and movement within the landscape. Since moving to Forest Row I’ve become drawn to painting East Sussex skies. I enjoy amazing views from where I live across to the Abbey at Ashurst Wood and Tablehurst Farm.  The depth of colour, vibrancy and luminosity of this mass expanse of sky has deeply influenced my recent work.

I’ve painted for several years and completed a Fine Art Course at the City Lit in 2014.  Recent exhibitions include the The Espacio and Original Galleries in London.  I now have a studio space in Highgate Works and as relatively new local artist am thrilled to be exhibiting my work in the Ashdown Gallery.