Jos Van de Ven

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Dutch fine artist, Jos van de Ven, was born in the south of The Netherlands, not far from the village of Vincent van Gogh. 

His artistic journey has taken many twists and turns. In his younger days, he was a devotee of the French impressionists until, at twenty- three, he met Salvador Dali at his home in Spain. For several years he was influenced by the ‘artistic freedom’ of surrealism, until he felt the need to break loose, to find his own way. So he painted in a totally abstract way, wild, uncontrolled, very colourful. Still not happy with his work, Jos studied art in Spain. 

When he picked up his paintbrushes again, he did not know what to paint. He had changed and was looking for something that would allow him to express what he wanted to say with his art. He became interested in the techniques of the Dutch and Flemish Old Masters and turned to Dutch painter Cornelis Lemair for guidance. Under his tutelage Jos experimented with a variety of traditional materials and approaches. His work took on another form. He liked the traditional techniques, but wanted to give his paintings a more contemporary look.

Now, Jos van de Ven is a modern artist with a classically inspired style who considers painting to be an adventure and a search for deeper communication. Currently, he likes to express a peaceful state of mind using objects (and people) in a timeless setting:

“Objects which have ‘lived a life’, that have been owned, used and survived, often have become more beautiful”.

 At the heart of his work is the play and poetry of light and colour. His work may be still or motionless, but it’s alive. You will find that many of the objects in his paintings have a flaw. They are not perfect. Perfection is not interesting; it’s the end of the game.

Jos van de Ven shows at galleries and art shows throughout Europe and the USA. His work is included in numerous collections in many countries and he regularly recieves requests to give master classes in the traditional Dutch techniques. Recently he has been invited to show his work in China.