Nadav Drukker

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Dr. Nadav Drukker is a ceramic artist bringing modern science to this ancient art form. Drukker grew up in Jerusalem, studied in the US and lived in Copenhagen and Berlin before settling in London. He studied ceramics in parallel to completing his PhD in theoretical physics and has been developing his art for over fifteen years. He has recently established his own studio and has been able to devote more of his time to ceramics. Drukker's influences include ancient ceramics: Israel is steeped in archeology and he lived at the foot of the Jerusalem Museum whose prominent building housing the Dead Sea scrolls was modeled after a ceramic vessel. One can also sense his exposure to Japanese art. His grandfather, who was a major collector and dealer and who established the Tikotin museum of Japanese art in Haifa.

Dr. Drukker is a Reader (equivalent to Associate Professor) in Theoretical Physics in the Maths Department of King's College London, specialising in string theory. His most recent creations combine these two facets of his life into a new series of ceramic vessels, reflecting his scientific research in clay.